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Heidelberg Castle

You will find pure romanticism in the impressive castle ruins, which attract many visitors from all over the world to Heidelberg year after year. Enjoy the benefits of the Heidelberg Card and take the funicular railway to Heidelberg Castle. There you can not only examine one of the largest wine barrels in the world, but also enjoy a wonderful panorama of the historic Heidelberg Old Town, the Neckar and the Heiligenberg.


Once you have visited the gardens and courtyard at the famous castle, you can continue with the lower funicular as far as the Molkenkur stop, where you can transfer to the historic upper funicular and continue your ascent to Königstuhl. There are spectacular views here – if you visit on a sunny day, you should be able to take in the views as far away as Alsace. The falconry is also well worth a visit. A stroll around the area is a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours, before you make your descent on the funicular.

Old Bridge

The Old Bridge is another world-famous landmark, where you can take in the view of the Neckar as it winds its way past, before you take some photos with the Brass Monkey.

Old Town

The historic Old Town, the longest pedestrian zone in Europe, is the perfect starting point for visiting the Old University and the Student Prison. The Palatinate Museum, the botanical garden and the City Theatre Heidelberg are other places that should feature in any cultural trip to Heidelberg.


If you have the time, another must-see is the Schwetzingen palace and its famous palace gardens, where you can admire this original and sumptuously baroque summer residence of the House of Palatinate.